Let’s Turn On Some Music

Create an unforgettable experience for your customers.
Use the emotional power of music to enhance your customer experience.

Your business has it’s own attitude, style and personality,
it should also have it’s own sound. We’re your microphone.

Music for business

An unforgettable customer experience starts here. Make music a part of your message.

Voice Paging

We’re paging system experts. Whatever your needs may be, we offer the perfect solution.

Sound Reinforcement

We’ll make sure everyone from the front row to the back hears every word.

Be Music To Your Customers Ears.

Whether you need affordable background music or something a bit more sophisticated.
Northland Sight & Sound has the right solution for your brand and budget.


Creating The Customer Experience

When you partner with Northland Sight & Sound for your commercial sound needs, we deliver what matters most, the customer experience. We’ll create an environment where customers shop longer, spend more, and come back again and again.



Deliver an unrivaled dining experience that keeps customers coming back. Great food and great music.

Spas & Salons

Provide the salon or spa experience your clientele is craving and keep them coming back for more.


Create a shopping experience that makes them shop longer and spend more. Drive sales and build loyalty.


When customers check in, we’ll set the atmosphere. Letting them know they’re in the right place.


We’ll design a commercial sound system that helps keep your patients comfortable.


Be certain that you’re setting the right tone for your financial business.