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Our Services



With proper planning we can wire your home or business for move in day and the future.

AV Distribution

Distribute all of your audio and video sources throughout your home or business.


Control your space with minimal effort, or without touching anything at all.

Video Conferencing

Start your meetings off on the right foot with our video conferencing services.

Bars & Restaurants

Distribute all of your audio and video sources throughout your bar or restaurant.

Conference Rooms

Control your conference room easily with our design and installation services.

Media Rooms

We design and install beautiful media rooms that the whole family will enjoy.

Home Theaters

Home Theater design and installation is one of our specialties.

Outdoor Living

Bring the party outside with our outdoor audio and video installation services.

Climate Control

The perfect temperature is easily controllable with our smart thermostat installation.

Lights & Shades

Dim the lights, lower the shades. Even set scenes to do it automatically.


WIFI is the entertainment foundation in your home. We’ll make sure your foundation is solid.